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    Rayan Plast is one of of India's top 10 tape manufacturer. For we believe in quality goods and services, quality is the utmost important thing for us in our products and services. We believe the quality of product is what matters thee most along the services we offer per and post. We have continuously put efforts improving the quality of products and services we offer. For we believe quality is not a one time thins its a continuous self improving services. We believe to offer better services each time our customer deals with us. We welcome customers from round the world to join and have a wonderful unbelievable products and service. We really do value your business each and every time.



Rayan Plast is one of the renowned packaging and tape industry players across the nation today. At Rayan Plast, we pledge to deliver quality products, for we believe it is not just about providing quality products, but about providing quality services. Our well-qualified and professional staff meets all the quality standards from time to time and exceeds customer expectations every time.

With expert resources at work, we have today become one of top 5 BOPP Self Adhesive tape manufactures in India. Rayan Plast caters to not just Indian markets, but also has made its name globally. Technology has played a crucial role in growth of the company enabling us to make high-quality products. Going ahead, we plan to venture into building hospitals for cancer patients and schools in the rural areas equipped with latest technologies.

Since its inception in 2005, Rayan Plast has been manufacturing products with the use of advance coating technology and pneumatically controlling drying system. With unflinching support and high demand from our clients, we have added to our infrastructure by installing a few more high-end machineries. In 2012, we expanded our line of products which includes a range of products like double sided tapes, tissue tapes and rubber bands.

We are a professionally managed company with set systems and work processes so as to achieve our long-term goal of being recognized as the most trusted brand across the globe.

Types of Tapes

Different types of tapes that we manufacture

  1. BOPP Tapes

    Clear/Brown/Color/Printed- Single & Double Color/Multi Color

  2. BOPP Jumbo Rolls

    Clear/Brown/Color/Printed- Single & Double Color.

  3. Double Side Foam Tape

    Double Side Foam Tape

  4. Tissue Tape

    ¨Tissue Tape

  5. Masking Tape

    Masking Tape